Firedog Marketeers
Igniting ideas, retrieving results!


Igniting ideas,
retrieving results.

Company profile and experience

Firedog Marketeers is a marketing services company founded in 2004 by Carol Baxter. As an independent freelancer, I work as an extension of your marketing department by providing individual, project-based services to meet your organization’s unique marketing needs. By rapidly becoming a virtual member of your team, I can effectively tackle specific marketing projects, while freeing you to focus on other strategic initiatives.

From my experience working inside deadline-driven marketing departments, I know that there are never enough resources, brainpower, and time to do everything in-house. And, you can never plan for those unexpected fire drills. That’s where I can step in immediately to help your company overcome its most critical marketing challenges  — from managing quick-turn programs and content creation to longer-term launch initiatives.

And my commitment to you is for every project I will strive to ignite new ideas, work like a mad dog, and communicate with you from beginning to end.

Chief marketeer


messaging architect, web content strategist, launch rock star

Carol Baxter

Carol brings more than 20 years of corporate and product marketing experience to your project. Over the years, I’ve worked with technology companies of all sizes, disciplines, and unique cultures. In addition, I’ve gained practical insights from collaborating with those individuals who purchase and use this technology.

Prior to launching Firedog Marketeers, I worked at high-visibility technology companies where I honed my marketing, branding, and content creation skills. I developed and managed high-visibility, demand generation programs, advertising campaigns, branding initiatives, launches, and content marketing. Read my LinkedIn profile for more details.



Marketing Communications Certificate

B.A., Literature/Business Writing

Past Employers

  • Adobe

  • IBM

  • Mercury Interactive (now HP Enterprise)


The inside skinny on the company name…

I often get questions about the origin of my company name. It’s really quite simple. Marketeers and Dalmatians share similar characteristics. Both are nimble, persistent (yes…stubborn), and passionate about their work. They excel under pressure and offer comic relief when needed. And in crisis moments, they have been known to hurdle a fence (or two) to get the job done. That’s me!

Meet my own fire dog (a.k.a. senior manager) — Bailey.