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Looking for technology marketing expertise?

What do you need to succeed?

  • Go-to-market messaging for a new product

  • Web content for a site launch

  • New sales tools to close the deal

  • Project management to launch multiple products concurrently

  • Temporary marketing help for an unexpected staffing need

Firedog Marketeers is a marketing services company located in San Jose, CA that provides expertise in go-to-market messaging, digital content, sales tool development, product launches, and short-term staff support. 

Its chief marketeer, Carol Baxter, works as an extension of your marketing department by providing project-based services to meet your organization’s unique marketing needs.

If you’re seeking marketing expertise for your next project, get in touch today to arrange a free consultation. Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to learn how Firedog Marketeers can help you achieve your marketing goals.


Firedog Marketeers can help!


My name is Carol Baxter and I work with some of the world’s leading technology companies to cultivate their relationships with customers and sales teams. I also assist growing startups who are establishing themselves in the marketplace. Regardless of your company’s size or the scope of your marketing project, Firedog Marketeers can help you succeed.


Our marketing services…


go-to-market messaging

Messaging is the communication foundation of content, sales tools, PR, demand generation, social media posts, advertising, events, web sites, and blogs. I thrive architecting successful, go-to-market messaging — from product definition to target markets to competitive analysis and features and benefits. If your message is clear, concise, and positioned right, it will entice prospects and ensure repeat business.


sales tools

Your sales force needs the right tools to articulate your message or they won’t close the deal. I’ve built a strong reputation for taking complex technical products and presenting them in a concise format that can be understood by prospects, customers, and most importantly, sales.


product launches

Let’s face it. Launches, whether for a brand new product unveiling or for a new major or minor release of an existing product, are scary beasts. Your extended team is under the company microscope to get 101+ tasks completed in a short time frame, and everyone is moving in different directions. Call me crazy, but I live for product launches and know what it takes to help turn chaos into calm order.


short-term staff support

Did your product marketing manager unexpectedly jump ship? Or, is your creative services project manager out on an extended leave? No sweat. I can step in temporarily and fill the gap. I’ve held various marketing positions over the years, so I’m accustomed to jumping in and getting the job done with limited assistance.


digital content creation

Relevant and engaging digital content does not magically appear out of thin air. It requires a detailed plan with blood, sweat, and tears. At my core, I am a content strategist who enjoys helping companies develop their first web sites, relaunch existing sites, incorporate blogs, and create microsites for marketing campaigns and product launches. Together we can craft the right content that pleases prospects and customers alike.


writing & editing

I first declared my love for writing in first grade when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. To date, I’ve written and edited just about every type of marketing content you can imagine, including case studies, product data sheets, white papers, email campaigns, e-books, promotional guides, direct mail, blog posts, corporate brochures, and more.


Begin with the end in mind.
— Stephen Covey


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